Clearstep™ works in a similar fashion to traditional braces in that it will improve your smile and boost your self confidence, the best part however, is that it achieves these fantastic results virtually invisibly!

The Clearstep™ system is born out of the use of clear positioners which are effective when used to straighten and correct overlapping or crooked teeth. However, though positioners can help treat these problems they do not offer a full solution to all of the problems on their own. To solve this, Clearstep™ developed a full range of invisible orthodontics that is now known as the Clearstep™ System.

The foundation of the treatment is still built on the use of positioners. The positioners are transparent and made of tough medical grade plastic. Each positioner will need to be worn for approximately two weeks. This will give the positioner enough time to gently push the required teeth into the desired position. At the end of the two week period you will move onto the next positioner and this cycle will continue until all of your teeth have been corrected and you have achieved a beautiful smile.

Clearstep™ is the ideal solution for both work and social occasions were you don’t think you will feel comfortable wearing a brace. Maybe an important job interview, meeting the in-laws for the first time or even just a night out with friends, as the Clearstep™ System is invisible it will be almost impossible for anyone to notice you are having dental work done.