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Your last visit

CONGRATULATIONS. Yes, your last visit!


Your teeth are not completely stable in their new position, so your retainers are still very important. If you continue to wear them, they should ensure the your teeth stay straight. We would recommend that you continue to wear them indefinitely. If you want your teeth to stay straight forever you will have to wear your retainers forever. 'Yes', forever!

You must determine how much effort you want to put into guaranteeing the your teeth remain perfect. When your current retainer wears out, your dentist can make some new ones or you are welcome to contact us if you wish. There will be a charge for replacements.

Continuing to wear the retainer at night should keep your smile. If you stop wearing them, natural actions such as age changes (just like wrinkles), may cause your teeth to move. Do not throw your retainers away. If the teeth have moved a little, it may be possible to recover the lost ground by wearing the retainers full time to reposition your teeth.

At the Orthodontic Centre we take great pride in our results and are always very pleased if any of our patients refer a friend or relative to the practice. Please feel free!

Best wishes for the future.

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