So you have decided to have a brace?

So you have decided to have a brace?

What types of braces are there?


These are the plastic braces that clip in and out. They are used for simple movements of teeth and often before fixed braces.


These are also made of plastic and clip in and out. The are mostly use for treatments where teeth stick out and the jaw alignment and facial appearance can be improved.


These are the “train-track-type” which are stuck on the teeth. They are capable of fine tooth movements and give the best results.

How long does the treatment take?

It depends on the type of treatment:
Removable braces only: 4-9months
Functional only: 6-12 months
Fixed (+/- removable): 6-24 months
Functional and fixed: 18-30 months

These times are for treatment where the patient looks after their braces and wears them as instructed. If the braces are not worn properly, or are broken, the treatment will take much longer or may have to be abandoned. These times represent the active phase of treatment only. The teeth need time to settle in their new, straight positions, otherwise they will rapidly go crooked again. This requires a passive phase of treatment that is called RETENTION. Retention will vary according to how crooked the teeth are to begin with and what type of brace is used. Typically, retention consists of wearing a very simple brace for 12 months, full-time to begin with, then part-time. Appointments are quarterly.

Will it hurt when having the brace fitted?

There could be some discomfort, but not much. There will be no injections.

Will there be any pain after the brace has been fitted?

You may find the brace uncomfortable for a few days. Your teeth will be tender to chew on as they start to move and you will need a fairly soft diet. The brace may also rub your cheeks until the skin thickens up. It is not unusual to get ulcers - just as you can expect to get blisters with a new pair of shoes.

How often are the appointments?

Fitting of the brace requires up to three visits, each visit approximately one week apart. Once fitted, the braces will usually need to be adjusted every 4-10 weeks.

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So you have decided to have a brace?