Care and use of functional appliance

Care and use of functional appliance

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Please read this carefully and keep in a safe place

  • Wear the braces all day and night, including for sleeping.
  • Clean your teeth after all meals (remove the braces for cleaning).
  • Clean the braces with toothpaste and a toothbrush and use a brace cleaning agent such as RETAINER BRITE.
  • DO NOT wear the braces for contact sports and swimming
  • DO NOT eat sticky or hard foods (eg toffees and chewing gum), as these will break the braces.
  • The braces may cause some discomfort to your teeth and jaws for the first few days.
  • Your braces may make speaking difficult at first.
  • If you take the braces out for sport, store them in a strong container with your name and address on it. If you loose the braces or damage them so badly that they need replacing. The NHS will charge for the new braces.
  • If the braces are broken or you cannot wear them for any reason, then you MUST telephone the practice for an earlier appointment. If possible, continue to wear the brace. Do not wait until your routine visit to report the breakage.
  • Please continue to have regular dental check-ups with your own dentist.
  • A brace requires regular adjustments and you must attend all the appointments given.
  • If you miss an appointment, please contact the practice as soon as possible.
  • If you fail to attend appointments or do not wear the brace as instructed we will be forced to stop your treatment.
  • If you do not wear the braces as instructed, it could result in failure of the orthodontic treatment.

The success of your treatment depends on you.

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Care and use of functional appliance