Bond up instructions

Bond up instructions

Congratulations on having your fixed brace fitted. You must now be thorough in protecting and cleaning your teeth and brace.

Care and maintenance

BRACE CARE KITS are available from reception. They contain the essentials for looking after your teeth and brace.


Brush your teeth for four minutes in the morning and four minutes at night. That means two minutes on the top and two minutes on the bottom. Your timer times for two minutes.

Orthodontic toothbrush

Using small circular motions will clean your gums as well as your teeth. Brush all the surfaces of your teeth including the back and the biting surfacers, paying particular attention to the area above and below the brackets.

Interspace brush

A single tufted brush ideal to clean under any hooks and between the brackets and gums.

Interdental brush

This is ideal for cleaning under the wires. Always work away from the gums to prevent pushing food or plaque up into the gum level, this can make gums sore.

Disclosing tablets

These are used to stain any plaque a colour so that you can see where you are missing when you brush. Use them once a week to check brushing. They will stain so it is advisable to use them at night. Chew a tablet and swill around for 1 minute before rinsing. Take special care in brushing any colour off.

Fluoride mouthwash

Ideally use once per day just before bed. Rinse around and between the teeth for one minute then spit out. (Follow directions on the Bottle) Do not rinse.

Travel Toothbrush And Toothpaste

These are small enough to be carried everywhere with you so your teeth can be brushed after EVERYTHING YOU EAT OR DRINK.

Dietary advice

Avoid certain foods, these will damage the brace which means it may not be working properly and your treatment could take longer to complete. Avoid anything that is too sticky or too chewy, NO CHEWING GUM, toffees or chewy sweets. Nothing that is too hard, no crusty breads, no crusts including pizza crusts, no boiled sweets or nuts. Apples can be eaten with care if they are cut into small pieces first. IF YOUR BRACE BECOMES BROKEN OR LOOSE, CONTACT US TO ARRANGE AN APPOINTMENT IMMEDIATELY AS THIS MAY ADD LENGTH TO YOUR TREATMENT TIME.

Between meals, any food that contains sugar, natural or added should be avoided. Avoid fizzy drinks including diet drinks and excessive amounts of fresh fruit juice.


You can expect your teeth to be sore for the first week, but the tenderness will soon disappear. Keep to soft foods during this period. Use pain relief if necessary, anything that you usually take for a headache will be fine to use.


Should you suffer from any mouth ulcers or have any sharp bits digging into your lips or cheeks, use silicone wax, this is to be placed onto the brace. This acts like a plaster and stops the brace from rubbing. Dry the part of the brace that is causing the problem and mould the wax around it. This is a temporary measure and should not be used continuously. Remove before eating and sleeping, then reapply after.

Oral relief

(Not included in the kit)
Place a small quantity of gel on clean fingertip and place on the painful area. This will numb and relieve any discomfort.


(Not include in the kit)
For any contact sports we recommend a mouthguard be worn, this will protect the teeth and prevent any soreness if there is injury to the mouth.

Be sure to visit your dentist during your treatment. We do not check for any other dental problems.

Be sure to attend all your appointments and be on time.

If you have any problems or concerns just ask any member of our team.

Good luck!

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Bond up instructions