Brace care

Brace care

You will need to take extra care of your teeth while wearing braces. This includes being careful about what you eat and following the correct daily oral healthcare routine.

It is vital that you follow our advice on these issues to avoid damaging your teeth and to ensure that we can complete your treatment.

Braces are quite delicate, so you need to ensure you do not damage them. Damaged braces means an extra appointment to see us and can affect the length of your treatment.

The best way to care for your braces is to be careful what you eat and make sure you do not bite too hard. Avoid particularly hard and chewy foods such as toffee. You can still eat crunchy foods such as apples or carrots, but cut them into small pieces so that you don’t need to bite into them. You should also avoid chewing on fingernails, pens, etc.

Please view our brace care videos below:

Oral Hygiene

Brace care - Oral Hygiene

Fixed braces

Brace care - Fixed braces

Removable braces

Brace care - Removable braces


Brace care - Retainers