Opening hours

The Orthodontic Centre opening hours

Day Morning Hours Afternoon Hours
Monday 08.15 to 12.30 13.30 to 16.30
Tuesday 08.15 to 12.30 13.45 to 16.30
Wednesday 08.15 to 12.30 13.30 to 16.30
Thursday 08.15 to 12.30 13.45 to 16.30
17.00 to 19.30
Private Patient Clinic
Friday 08.15 to 12.30 13.00 to 14.30
If you arrive late for your appointment, it can cause a cascade of problems for us:
  • Other patients will be kept waiting beyond their allotted appointment time
  • The smooth running of the clinic is seriously disrupted
  • The staff will be put under extra, unnecessary pressure

For these reasons we will reappoint late patients, which will incur a charge, regardless of the reason for being late.

The Orthodontic Centre is a specialist centre. Specialist orthodontic services are in huge demand, which is why the centre is extremely busy. Despite this we continue to sustain the shortest waiting list in the area through being efficient and effective.

Please note that if removable appliances are lost, badly broken, or are not worn as instructed and no longer fit you, under N.H.S. regulations a fee is payable for a replacement. Please telephone the practice as soon as possible if you break a brace. You will be given advice and if necessary an earlier appointment will be made. Repeated breakages will make treatment take longer.

We cannot be held responsible for patients wearing appliances without supervision.